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Welcome to A Diver's Life

Welcome to A Diver's Life

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Since the age of 12 I had a dream of living by the water. I married my wife Doreen in 1984 and received our SCUBA certifications in the late 80s and have been diving for over 30 years. We retired and moved to Bonaire in 2017. Prior to moving to Bonaire we had successful careers as a pharmacist (Doreen) and a Chief Technology Officer for a major computer and IT company. Yet our parallel lives centered around the sea with each of us having dove for over 30 years and the pull was so strong that we through it all away to live a diver’s life by the sea, as expats, on the island of Bonaire. By many accounts our new life is one that most people only dream about but never get and if they were to get it could they sustain it? Through our videos I hope to share how we did it and how we live it. This site is dedicated to help and inspire others on how to prepare for such a life and to follow your heart to set off down a path to achieving your dreams. To support this effort we will be creating a YouTube channel documenting our life in Bonaire, how we we achieved it, how we sustain in hopes of inspiring others to achieve a similar dream.  

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A Diver's Life

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